From here…yet from everywhere

Cosmopolitan...When it comes to style and fashion, people do not want to be put in a box.  So, let me ask you, how would you like to wear the world on your body? No, this is not an abstract exercise or a riddle. Think colorful cotton. African Wax, as it is most popularly referred to, encompasses brightly colored … Continue reading From here…yet from everywhere


Behind the brand series – What is Zigida about?

Because so many of you have asked to know the brand and the people behind it better, we are interviewing the head of Social Content and Marketing at Zigida, Antoinette Mutombo.  Read on to understand Zigida's purpose, their differentiating factor and why they do not run sales! Zigida Blog: Hi Antoinette, it is so nice … Continue reading Behind the brand series – What is Zigida about?

Dress to the Beat

The charming Nma Uche from nmauche wrote this piece about Zigida. Can you feel the beat? Pass the message to your neighbors: Zigida is here to stay. Congolese musician, Vans Guccima sings about this and more in his song with the same name. He asks for you to give him some time for a takeover of all … Continue reading Dress to the Beat