Dress to the Beat

The charming Nma Uche from nmauche wrote this piece about Zigida. Can you feel the beat?

Pass the message to your neighbors: Zigida is here to stay. Congolese musician, Vans Guccima sings about this and more in his song with the same name. He asks for you to give him some time for a takeover of all the major African cities.

The beat is infectious and would have you on your feet scrambling for your dancing shoes. This is the norm with African music from Afro Beat to Zouk. Drums beat at their loudest as you shake with intensity. Other instruments are used to amplify the fervor.

It comes as no surprise that fashion from the continent is equally intense. The colors grab your attention, the patterns set the tempo, and the fabric clings to your being. Don’t worry, this is good captivity and it is indeed taking over.

The music from a region tells you a lot about the culture and style of its people. Through beats and lyrics, musicians communicate their message to the world. They tell of who they are, where they are from, and what they hold dear. As African music continues to flood radio waves from the Americas to Europe, African print follows suit.

In the last few years, celebrities from music icons and even a first lady have spotted these striking prints in ensembles that got people gushing and talking all at the same time.

Do you hope to revamp your style and upgrade to an upbeat tempo with a resounding beat? Look no further as the collections from Zigida promise to do this and much more.

Let your choices speak for you and pass across a message of authenticity as you dress to the beat. Accentuate your feminine nature and display your confidence with joy.

Just as music expresses one’s individualism, dress up for you and smile.

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